Who Are You, Anyway?

In the fragmented minds of post-modern college administrators and students, self-identity is whatever the student wants it to be. The University of Michigan, in an attempt to help students become even more delusional, set a policy that allows students to assign themselves, formally in university rosters, whichever personal pronoun by which they demand to be addressed.

So, a male could demand to be referred to as “she,” “it,” “they,” “pasta,” and no this is not a joke, and the university would enforce this. In a classroom discussion for example, Billy makes an astute comment. Marge decides to refer to Billy’s comment but she is unable to say, “I agree with what he said,” meaning what Billy said. She must know what Billy’s chosen personal pronoun is and say, for example, “I agree with what pasta over there said.” I kid you not.

Grant Strobl, a U of M junior, decided to use this bizarre policy to have some fun. He entered his new personal pronoun on the U of M’s roster as “His Majesty.” He thought it would show the absurdity of this type of thinking. But no, the U of M went along with it. Grant, when he is referred to in the third person, Grant must be referred to as “His Majesty.”

So when Billy (a.k.a. pasta) likes something that Grant said, he must say, “I agree with what His Majesty said.” If you think the PC culture of stupidity is, well, stupid, you’re correct. It is. But it’s also tragic. Beneath the chuckles we have over talking about His Majesty, we can see a deep river of spiritual and personal confusion.

Many people today, have no idea about personal identity. They think that assigning a new pronoun to themselves to match their mood of the day (am I “pasta” or “critter” today? Hmm.) actually means something real and tangible. It does not. It is a strange and dangerous fantasy.

God created human beings (Genesis) and he gave us our identity. Our identities are rooted first of all as people who were created by God in his image. We are his creation. We belong to him. And by the grace given to us through his Son on the cross, we are people who have been bought with a price and we belong to Christ himself!

Before Jesus saved us, our identity was one of wayward creature, enemy of God, gifted in many ways but fatally flawed –separated from our creator in a most deadly way. After Jesus, we are as the Apostle Paul stated in 1 Corinthians 6:20, “You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.” We are now identified as those who belong to Christ!

If someone asked you to describe yourself in a few words, what would you say? “It depends on the day and my mood”? “I’m a businesswoman”? “I’m a member of the MacDonald Clan”? “I am a resident of South Carolina”? The first answer is sad. The remainder may be fine and true, but they’re woefully incomplete.

A truer, deeper, more eternally defining answer would be: “I am a disciple of Jesus Christ.”

Ponder that identity and you’ll never be confused about who you are.

#identity #Christ #PCCulture #Jesus

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