Christmas Blood, His Gift to Us

We tend to think of Christmas in glowing terms, and we should. It's quite a beautiful, if stark, scene. The rugged manger. A young couple. No rooms to rent. Animals sleeping, grazing and snoring. And a new baby born in the middle of it all.

We have taken all of this and made it festive, beautiful. My house looks like the North Pole (without the snow, thankfully). But the glitter can distract us from Christmas Blood.

What is Christmas Blood? It's the real gift to us from God, through His Son, to us. It's the blood of the baby once grown and crucified as a sacrifice for the sin of the world.

Christmas Blood comes from Jesus. He grows up and lives a perfect life in fulfillment of the law of God. He then offers Himself in our place. The great exchange takes place: His takes our sin and death and He puts on us His righteousness and eternal life.

It's a one-sided deal. He gets hell, we get heaven.

That's His Christmas gift to us. Christmas Blood. It is precious and we can't live without it.

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