Refugees and Christians: What to do?

Dear Friends,

We are witness to a great upheaval as war in the middle-east has created an enormous crisis of displaced and tormented people -- refugees seeking assylum in safer places.

Here we find ourselves in a dilemma: we want safety, security and peace within our borders -- and rightly so. We want to exclude bad actors, those who come in sheep's clothing who want nothing more than to infiltrate our borders and destroy lives and peace. It is just and right to identify and exclude them.

But many among the displaced are innocents. They are Christians, Yazidis, and Muslims who find themselves on the "wrong" side of a vicious and aggressive enemy. Their homes have been destroyed and family members have been mutilated and murdered. They seek nothing more than peace.

Christians live in two worlds: our earthly citizenship is here, the United States of America, and we have a responsibility, through civil government, to keep our land safe.

Our primary, and eternal, citizenship is in the Kingdom of God, and we have a responsibility to honor God and care for others, especially those of the household of faith as we have been commanded to do. This is a great value and reflects God's love working in and through us.

So, how do we honor God's call to help others while we keep our land safe from harm? It is a difficult, laborious task, and we are imperfect at it. We need God's wisdom, strength and power to help us live faithfully.

This morning I read an article by David Platt. It is thought-provoking and I wanted to share it with you:

He doesn't give simple answers, but he wants us to think like God's people. Check it out.

God is good!



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